We provide services to all travellers, before travel, whilst travelling and on return.

Before you go

  • We provide you with individual medical advice on international health risks on a location by location basis, personalised to your itinerary
  • We can offer advice or assessment of any existing medical issues, visa application health checks and provide fitness to travel certificates
  • Our clinics have the full range of vaccinations on site. The Travel Doctor (TMVC) clinics are World Health Organisation (WHO) approved yellow fever centres
  • We provide you with a personal assessment of malaria risk and advice on strategies to prevent insect-borne disease
  • We provide all our travellers with written material covering health concerns
  • For Groups we also provide presentations or lectures on health aspects of the trip

While you are away

  • Treat yourself with our customised medical kits for travellers, for individuals, couples, groups and adventure travel
  • If you need medical help while away, we provide information on health service providers abroad associated with The Travel Doctor (TMVC). The overseas service provider is able to liaise with the centre at home.
  • We can supply an international directory of local medical facilities and English speaking doctors in many overseas countries
  • If you have serious problems while away, we can liaise with international emergency medical evacuation and insurance services.
  • Health alerts appear via the Travel Doctor website

Upon Return

  • Our experience managing travellers illness after return means you can have a medical review if illness has occurred whilst overseas or if you have symptoms on return
  • Referral point for infectious diseases specialist opinion
  • Learn about the medical requirements for your destination by checking out the Destination fact sheets.
  • Other useful information can be found in the Travel fact sheets.
  • Work out your vaccine requirements by looking at the Vaccination Planner