Quitting Smoking

I do not want to bother you by detailing the effect of smoking on your health, as I am sure you know it but I will summarise the steps to help you quit smoking.

Recent studies showed that people who were able to quit smoking relying on their own motivation were able to maintain it longer than people who received assistance (tablets, nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums or hypnotherapy).

  • You may want to change your mind and prepare yourself mentally to make the most important decision to quit smoking.
  • Let your smoking friends and relatives know your decision so they support you by avoiding smoking in your presence. Encouraging your smoking partner to quit with you at the same time will make you feel more motivated.
  • Change your daily routine. There are certain situations that give you the desire to smoke (e.g. a glass of wine or a cup of coffee). Try to substitute that with a different activity like going for walk, exercise, call a friend or possibly take up a new hobby. The craving for the smoking will gradually disappear.
  • Munching on vegetables and dry fruits will help changing the taste in your mouth.
  • If you smoke as a response to stress then clarify the problems that lead to your stress, try to solve the problems which will likely help to eliminate your stress. A psychologist and your family doctor can help you with some strategies.
  • In some situations, medication may be required to assist with quitting smoking.

Visit your family doctor for further advice.


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