Pre-employment functional capacity assessments are undertaken to safely match candidates to the physical demands of a job and can be conducted independently or in tandem with pre-employment medicals.

Candidates can have a pre-employment functional assessment conducted at any of CHG’s three clinics – Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale.

Each pre-employment functional assessment is tailored to the specific physical demands of the job the employer is recruiting for. This requires a detailed job analysis to be undertaken by CHG to ensure that we understand the work requirements and can accurately test a candidate’s suitability. The type of assessment used depends on the employer’s requirements, and typically can be one of the following:

  • Clinical assessment – 30 minutes
  • Functional capacity evaluation – 45 minutes
  • Long functional capacity evaluation – 60 minutes

CHG has remained at the forefront of functional testing with the use of state-of-the-art functional testing equipment known as BTE-ER. This assessment equipment:

  • quantifies a person’s carrying, lifting and work demand capacities
  • measures static strength of any body part
  • acts as a full body range of motion assessment system.

Its numerous applications, versatility and computerised integration provide unparalleled assessment capabilities.