Melanoma and Sun Exposure

Australia is leading the world in the incidence and prevalence of Melanoma and other skin cancer where Queensland has the highest record. All studies and surveys showed that Melanoma is linked to the recreational sun exposure rather than sun exposure during working outdoors. Working outdoors usually causes basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcima and other skin cancer, which are not as aggressive as Melanoma.


Recreational sun exposure however, such lying under the sun for a long durations particularly when aiming to have tanned skin, is the main cause of Melanoma. It is far more common in skin type 1 and 2 which tend to be burnt during such recreational sun exposure.


Melanoma can happen at any age and it is directly related to the amount of UV light the body is exposed to. The usual symptoms is a new mole growing continually and causing itchiness, change in colour, bleeding or getting raised. Melanoma is of several histological types and can grow quickly and spread in other parts of the body within 6-12 months.


Early detection and treatment of Melanoma can significantly improve the patient’s survival rate and above all, avoidance remains the best cure! It is highly recommended to have safe sun exposure and slip, slop, slap to avoid the development of Melanoma.

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