Child health & Immunisations


– Follow up of child growth and development.
– Diagnosis & management of common child illnesses and infections.
– Child mental health, wellbeing and education achievement.
– Fighting childhood obesity.
– Immunisation & preventative medicine
Immunisations play an important role in preventing medical issues. That is why our doctors specialise in delivering vaccines and immunisations.
At Dural Medical and Skin Cancer Clinic we look after families and children. Our GPs service Dural, Round Corner, Glenhaven and neighbouring areas. Our Dural based Medical GPs have been looking after families for over 15 years and understand the importance doing so. Our family practitioner expertise are what we believe helps keep you healthy.

Immunisations and vaccines play an important role in maintaining a child’s health. Their effects help your child’s development as they immunise them from various harmful issues.