Expertise and Experience

What do we do?

Dural Medical & Skin Cancer Clinic can provide a full range of primary health services to all ages, ranging from children immunisations, men and women’s health check ups and aged health care including mental well being. We also conduct skin cancer checks and diagnoses where our doctors can provide long term treatment plans after discussing the findings with you.

This is all headed by our Family Doctors, who have years of experience in a vast range of locations and conditions , bringing a wealth of knowledge, care and compassion to the Dural community, providing the highest standard of care to you and your family.

The Medical Centre

Dural Medical & Skin Cancer Clinic is a modern, state of the art medical practice. We have on site a pathology collection centre which is available every day for your convenience.
We have a fully equipped modern procedure and treatment room which can accommodate a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. For your convenience, your required skin surgery will be done on site.
The team at Dural Medical & Skin Cancer Clinic are happy, compassionate, friendly and committed to providing you with the best medical service. You will be satisfied when you meet our team.